For Children & Families


Our Teaching Philosophy

Our children’s programming is centered around getting kids excited about creating and all of the possibilities that it can bring to life. If you can tap into a child’s passion and provide them the support and supplies they need, they’ll often surprise themselves with what they can accomplish! It’s all about having the freedom to explore and discover. Children find new ways of expressing themselves through projects that reveal and develop talents, building healthy self-regard and confidence, as well as developing creative thinking skills.


Start with Art

Ages 5-11 Mondays and/or Thursdays After School
2:50-5:00pm (pick up children at the Center by 5:15
Taught by Becca McHale

Give your child a stimulating boost of creativity every week after school! We’ll create a variety of projects and crafts that explore art concepts and develop creative skills and techniques. As weather permits, we’ll go on nature walks and create Art in the Park! Snacks will be provided. Classes are set up in month-long blocks. We’ll pick up the children at 2:50pm and safely walk them from SA and IAA to the art center. Children from other schools are welcome, but must be dropped off at the Center at 3pm. Please inform us of food allergies and other important info on the registration form! Preregistration is required. Only 12 spots available. If buying a month of classes, select the first class of that month from the pull down menu. Classes are $22.50 with 50% off for siblings.

Buy a full semester of classes to get a 10% discount!
Buy All Mondays (18 classes) for $364.50
Buy All Thursdays (21 classes) for $425.25

Monthly rates:
Mondays Jan (3 classes) = $67.50
Thursdays Jan (4 classes) = $90
Mondays Feb (3 classes) = $67.50
Thursdays Feb (4 classes) = $90
Mondays March (3 classes) = $67.50
Thursdays March (3 classes) = $67.50
Mondays April (3 classes) = $67.50
Thursdays April (3 classes) = $67.50
Mondays May (4 classes) = $90
Thursdays May (4 classes) = $90
Mondays June (2 classes) = $44.50
Thursdays June (3 classes) = $67.50

Click here to sign up!


Parents’ Night Out

Saturdays: April 15th, May 13th
5 pm to 9 pm
Ages 5-11

Need a night out or maybe a private night in? Drop off your child at the ONE Arts Center and we’ll keep them happy for FOUR HOURS with art, games, and later, with your approval, a movie (to wind down)! Bring their pajamas and toothbrushes so we can get them ready for bed, in case they fall asleep on the way home! (Feel free to pick up earlier if 9pm is too late for your child.) Pizza dinner will be provided with veggies on the side. Food allergies will be accommodated! Gluten free pizza available for additional $10. After signing up on Eventbrite, please fill out the registration form on to provide contact info, inform us of food allergies and other important info. Only 12 slots available!

$35 per child, $30 Members, $10 siblings

Click here to sign up!

All About Creative Camps!

Camps at the Art Center are focused on fun, and all the different ways an artist can express themselves. We spend our time making art projects in a variety of media, practicing drama, story telling, dancing, playing organized games, as well as having free imaginative play time. If weather permits, we go to a local park after lunch. We’re flexible too! You can register your child for a week of creativity or just select the days you need. Our camps are for ages 5-11. The dynamic of the mixed age group creates a little community in which some kids become leaders, helpers, assistant teachers, and care givers. It’s pretty neat to see. After signing up on Eventbrite (camp names below are links to Eventbrite), please fill out the online registration form at to provide us with important allergy and emergency information for your child.

What to pack:  Snowpants, hat, & gloves for winter camps, other weather appropriate clothes for spring and summer camps, as well as sunscreen and/or sun hats for our trips to the park. Please pack lunch and a large water bottle or other drink.

Time: Camps run 8:30am – 3pm with the option to extend care to 5:15pm

Costs:  Daily rates: $60 per child, $50 for Members, and $30 siblings, Extended care available for an additional $20 per day, and $10 siblings


March Camps

Taught by Berkley Heath
March 30th (half day begins at 11:30am) – Mask Making
March 31st – Celebrating Spring

Ages K-8 have an early release day on the 30th and off on the 31st.  On the 30th (early release day) we will pick up your children from SA and IAA and walk them safely to the Art Center. On the 30th kids will explore the transformational magic of mask making. On the 31st campers will celebrate spring with spring themed projects as well as learning how people all over the world welcome the arrival of spring. Costs for the early release day are $35 per child, $30 for members, and $15 for siblings.


Spring Break Camp

Taught by Mellisa Cain
April 248th – 28th

April Camp Themes
24th Let’s go on a Safari! We will travel around Burlington and find our wildlife…. we will follow with some animal related projects.

25th Shocking Day!! Electricity Art: making art with lights, electricity and other… shocking materials!

26th World Wonders: let’s travel round the world, discover new cultures, learn Spanish and create art based on our learning!

27th Volunteer Day/ Art: learn about service learning/ volunteer and make art from your experiences and found materials

28th Yummy!!! Food: let’s make art using food (and we might try some too!)


Summer Camps

June 16th – 30th &
Aug 22nd – Aug 30th

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