Margaret Coleman

Margaret finished her BFA from the University of MN in 2005 and her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2009. She has had a broad range of experience in the arts from curating and teaching at the University level to developing children’s art curriculum and teaching community education. Many of the awards she has received for her community driven art have included involving the community, working with people of all ages and abilities. She travels frequently giving arts education workshops, curating art shows, and artist talks.

Becca McHale

Becca has been living and working in Vermont since 2001. Originally from Maryland, she took many art classes at Maryland Institute College of Art, attended Carver Center, a magnet high school for the arts, then earned her BA in Fine Arts from St. Mary’s College of MD in 2000. She worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years, but is thrilled to be painting, getting involved with the local community, and working with other artists again. Becca lives in Burlington and (besides artistic endeavors), enjoys camping, hiking, yoga, meditation, and spending time with her family. Becca has a daughter in 6th grade at Edmunds Middle and a Kindergartener at the Sustainability Academy.


Brian Letizia

Brian Letizia comes to One Arts Center with 15+ years of experience working in the visual arts. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the University of the Arts located in Philadelphia, Brian worked at the Sandy Webster Gallery advocating for African American artists in the national art marketplace. Along with his continued interest in social justice issues and the history of art, Brian has enjoyed a career of diverse creative experience working as an artist and teammate. He has developed products, created larger than life installations, and produced logistical and design elements featured in arts festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lallapalooza to name a few. His love for the natural world has brought him to Vermont, where he aims to pursue a career as an arts educator. He believes that a creative practice can have a profound effect on human development, and wants to help others realize their unique gifts and potential. He likes to spend his free time fly fishing, exploring new cuisines, and hiking in good company.

Eden Stern

Eden has been working with children of all ages for the past 30 years in schools, and community art programs. She recently moved to Vermont from Chicago. She has a Master’s of Fine Arts and also is a an Art Therapist. Presently she is the manager of the paper studio at 208 Flynn street.

Loren Frank

Loren is a visual artist originally from Connecticut. She has her BA in Studio Art from Southern CT State University and her Post-Baccalaureate in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been living in Burlington for a few years, originally coming to Vermont to work on veggie farms and staying for the community. She loves to work abstractly and with expressive imagery, color and emotion. She inspires kids to do the same and express themselves, and their inner worlds through their artwork. She works with the healing and herbal arts in her spare time.

Sarah Brunkhorst

Sarah came to Vermont from Missouri to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Media at Champlain College. She has spent the last few years exploring the ways that art and community intersect in Burlington. She’s passionate about making art accessible to everyone and helping people of all ages explore their creativity. In her own time, Sarah likes making art through analog photography, animation, and comics.

George Sliter

George has been working in the Burlington School District since 2014. He has been raised by an Artist and has always enjoyed the Arts. Georges experiences also include working on a Bookmobile, giving tours as a naturalist at UW Arboretum, and doing African drum and dance classes with children. He is excited to be a part of the ONE Arts community.

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