ONE Arts Center, in Burlington’s Old North End, is created by ONE Arts LLC whose mission is to:

Facilitate and Coordinate unique and significant art experiences in our local community.

Build a larger creative community for Vermont artists by encouraging both statewide, nationwide, and international artistic dialog.

Support the local arts economy by developing exhibition and sales opportunities for artists.

The ONE Arts Center provides a creative resource space for the community and encourages an atmosphere of exploration and inquiry for all ages. This is an art space for people to get to know and support each other, to share ideas and resources, and to practice radical, joyful creativity!

The Art Center currently offers daytime and evening high quality arts programming for both children and adults of all levels of ability. We curate art shows, offer monthly critique times for artists, and sell the work of local artists from our storefront. The Center strives to cultivate a welcoming, inclusive community that appreciates art and supports its artists.

Do you have a class you’d like to teach? Do you need a meeting space for your club? Please contact us if you’d like to book our space for your event or meeting!

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