Camps are online and we do birthday parties!

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Are you thinking about summer yet? We’re gearing up for camps! You can sign up online now. Themes are coming soon. If you are some of the first to sign up, you can help us pick a theme or project your child loves! Also, did you know we do birthday parties? If your child loves arts and crafts, we can create a perfect party with projects tailored to your child’s favorite art-making or crafting activities. Photos below are from a recent party. Sofia (age 7) had a woodland animals theme and wanted a sewing party. The gals loved their owls!

birthdayparty1 owlcraft

Shop the Artist Market

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Peruse our eclectic selection of handmade crafts and artwork through December. Find the perfect gift and card, while supporting local artists too!

“Think of Others”

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“Think of Others” Opening

Oct 7th 6-8pm

“Think of Others” is a collaboration of local artists, in conjunction with Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel (VTJP) that was on exhibit for the 2016 South End Art Hop. It is a collaborative arts project that brings to life a visionary piece by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. It offers a call for contemplation of the ongoing struggles facing the Palestinian people, and the universal message of the poem “Think of Others”.

In October, the series will be displayed at the ONE Arts Center, and coordinated events, such as a night of conversation, will be offered to compliment the visual work. The month’s display will conclude with a night of performances, including local poets, readings of Mahoud Darwish’s work, and music.

Contributing Visual Artists:
Marita Canedo
Gregory Giordano
Robert W. Brunelle, Jr.
Jen Berger
Michelle Sayles
Betsy Kelly
Delia Robinson

Fall Kick Off BBQ!

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Sunday, Sept 11th 3-6pm

Come celebrate fall with ONE Arts, meet the staff, and learn more about our fall programming, which includes classes and events for adults and children! The kick off party will feature our first staff art exhibit. Many of the staff and volunteers that contribute to the successes of ONE Arts Center are artists themselves, and this show will display their works. Enjoy the art, refreshments, bubbles, and balloons! This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about your community art center and the scope of what we have to offer you. Thanks to our sponsors for their generous donations to our event: Vermont Bread Company, Vermont Smoke & Cure, and Vermont Veggie Burger.


Seasons of Lethe ~ Work by Quinn Dray

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Seasons of Lethe ~ Work by Quinn Dray


Lethe, being a river in the Greek underworld from which souls drink in order to be reincarnated and reenter the world of the living, causes one to completely forget their former life. Drinking of Lethe, therefore, represents a moment of extreme transition, renewal, and loss experienced in order to move ahead. Moreover, as a soul nears Lethe and its promise of amnesia, it seems natural that it would rifle through all of its memories and linger on those that have emotional significance. Dray’s art explores these ideas by presenting memories revisited by a soul journeying through the underworld on its way to Lethe as material structures and landscapes within 2D media. Each piece is meant to show the distortion of memories by the strong emotions associated with them and the knowledge that they are soon to disappear.

Quinn Dray is a self-taught artist and illustrator currently living in Burlington, VT. His work attempts to capture architecturally complex and emotionally informed landscapes playing with the idea of perception being dependent on the memories and affective state of the viewer.

June 3rd -30th, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, June 3rd, 6pm
Open Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 12-5pm

Modern Maturity ~ May’s Exhibition

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Modern Maturity with Prints by Fay Stanford

Opens May 6th 6-9pm with an optional Whiskey & Cheese Tasting


Agedlypink 2

“Old age has been called another country. I’ve got my passport—I’m on Medicare—and I expect someday to be a full time resident.

My parents, of course, have preceded me. They are eighty-eight and eighty-seven years old and they live 1000 miles away in separate assisted living encampments. My sisters and I visit when we can and help with driving and doctors. My mother is in a dementia home—not just another country, another planet.

I am investigating old, old age by poking at it with this long stick called art making. The trick will be in how gracefully I can manage my own transition, given the chance, to this not-so-far-away land of unforgiving terrain.” ~ Fay Stanford

Heart & Home Opens April 1st

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ONE Arts is proud to present “Heart and Home” an eight person show that examines personal perspectives on the impact of neighborhood and community. Local artists, Ted Wimpey, Winnie Looby, John Rovnak, Rick Castillo, Robin Katrick, Robert Brunelle, Amey Radcliffe, and Jennie Kristel honor Fair Housing month with their own reflections of home. Image credit: John Rovnak “A Place to Rest Your Head”

April is designated fair housing month due to the passing of the Fair Housing Act, an act closely associated with Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that sought to end housing discrimination and advance inclusivity and social justice. It was signed into law on April 11th 1968 and hence prohibited housing discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, sex, handicap and family status. Vermont enacted such laws in 1987 further protecting age, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Please join us for an opening reception and cocktail party on Friday, April 1st, from 6-9. There is a $5 suggested donation after 7 pm. Open hours are Saturdays and Sundays from noon until five through Saturday, April 30th.