New Exhibition “Honey Lane” Opens at ONE Arts Center


ArtShape Mammoth presents “Honey Lane” an exhibit of new paintings by Maureen O’Leary at the ONE  Arts Center

Opening Reception with artist talk Saturday the 7th 5-8pm
Closing Feb 28th

H. L. Wilson writes in “A Short Sketch of the Evolution of the Bungalow: From its Primitive Crudeness to its Present State of Artistic Beauty and Cozy Convenience,” circa 1908,  “Number 352 is a good example of a large roomy house at moderate cost.  Every room is light and airy, and there is not an inch of waste space.  The exterior, with its well proportioned lines, is very attractive, and the floor plans will repay careful examination.  A most satisfactory house in every respect.”

Artist Bio:
O’Leary is a painter and photographer who has recently exhibited at Aljirra Contemporary in Newark, New Jersey, Wayfarers in Bushwick, New York and Marshall Arts in Memphis, Tennessee.  Her collaborative book of photography with Terri Phillips was published in 2013.  She lives and works in New York City and Mount Sinai, New York.

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