Modern Maturity ~ May’s Exhibition

Modern Maturity with Prints by Fay Stanford

Opens May 6th 6-9pm with an optional Whiskey & Cheese Tasting


Agedlypink 2

“Old age has been called another country. I’ve got my passport—I’m on Medicare—and I expect someday to be a full time resident.

My parents, of course, have preceded me. They are eighty-eight and eighty-seven years old and they live 1000 miles away in separate assisted living encampments. My sisters and I visit when we can and help with driving and doctors. My mother is in a dementia home—not just another country, another planet.

I am investigating old, old age by poking at it with this long stick called art making. The trick will be in how gracefully I can manage my own transition, given the chance, to this not-so-far-away land of unforgiving terrain.” ~ Fay Stanford

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