“Think of Others”


“Think of Others” Opening

Oct 7th 6-8pm

“Think of Others” is a collaboration of local artists, in conjunction with Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel (VTJP) that was on exhibit for the 2016 South End Art Hop. It is a collaborative arts project that brings to life a visionary piece by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. It offers a call for contemplation of the ongoing struggles facing the Palestinian people, and the universal message of the poem “Think of Others”.

In October, the series will be displayed at the ONE Arts Center, and coordinated events, such as a night of conversation, will be offered to compliment the visual work. The month’s display will conclude with a night of performances, including local poets, readings of Mahoud Darwish’s work, and music.

Contributing Visual Artists:
Marita Canedo
Gregory Giordano
Robert W. Brunelle, Jr.
Jen Berger
Michelle Sayles
Betsy Kelly
Delia Robinson

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