Strike camp!

Don’t let the strike keep you from work! If the strike continues, we’ll continue to offer camp! Let’s think positively for a resolution and in the meantime, your kids will enjoy creative projects with Becca and Taylor! Taylor is an art loving recent UVM grad with years of childcare experience under her belt. She carries with her a deep love for kids, cheese, furry animals, and visual expression. There are caps on our ticket sales, since we have multiple ticket types and we’re trying to prevent overbooking. If the ticket type you wish to buy says sold out, email us! There might still be room and we can sign you up on our end. If you wish to reserve a spot for the whole week, please contact us! Thanks!

Bring weather appropriate clothes, we will spend some time at a nearby park after lunch! Please pack lunch, snacks and water bottle.

Sign up here!

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