Changes to our website!

We are excited to announce some changes coming to our website! You may have noticed that we’ve already updated our look. Very soon we’ll also be updating our sign up system to Sawyer Tools! The new system will be embedded in our website and will allow you to buy multiple classes on different dates in one transaction, which was impossible with Eventbrite! It will also streamline our registration process and give us easy access to rosters and contacts and generally help us to be more organized. Hooray for having the right tools for the job! You will also notice a slight increase in the cost of our classes this fall, which will help us to cover the per transaction cost of our new system. The increases are minimal, just a few dollars more than our prices plus Eventbrite fees. A day of camp was $60, with Eventbrite fees it was $63.69 and now it will be $65 with no additional fees. We’ve been in operation for 5 years and haven’t raised the cost of our kids classes during that time, so we hope you will find the increases reasonable and we’d love to hear your feedback on our new website and sign up system! Please be patient with us as we get this up and running in the next few days!

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