Welcoming Mikayla!

I am excited to announce that Mikayla Messier will be the new Director of the ONE Arts Center! She will be teaching after school art daily and taking over all aspects of managing the programming and camps. I have absolutely loved running the art center these past 8 years and while it’s somewhat bittersweet to be passing it on to Mikayla, I feel so good knowing the art center is in her capable hands and I’ll be able to take care of some other aspects of our organization that need more attention after our expansion last year. I will continue to teach after school art on Mondays with Mikayla and may sub occasionally on other days too, so I’ll still be around! Mikayla’s philosophy around art, education, and caring for our young students is in line with ONE Arts’ ideals and we’re so happy to have her onboard full time! Please welcome Mikayla in her new role!

~ Becca

Here’s more about Mikayla:

Mikayla was born and raised in Vermont and has been teaching art to elementary school aged kids for two years now. She earned a BFA degree in Studio Arts at Johnson State College in 2018 and received a MFA degree in Studio Arts at NVU-Johnson in 2020. Mikayla loves to paint and find new ways to incorporate sculptures in her art. She has been showing many of her paintings around Burlington and South Burlington, so keep an eye out and you might see one of her pieces! Besides being an artist, she also loves to crochet, travel and play tennis. Mikayla believes that art is just as much about the process as the finished product and with that in mind everyone can be an artist as long as they have fun making it! Her greatest hope is that she can inspire kids as much as they inspire her with their spectacular imaginations. Mikayla is thrilled to become the Director of One Arts and continue working with the kids of the community and watch them grow as young artists. 

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