Fund Raising Update

To Our Community of Neighbors, Friends and Supporters,

We have news about our dream of creating an arts and cultural hub in the Old North End, both discouraging and wonderful. The Myer’s Furniture building was purchased by a developer yesterday, someone who hadn’t even done a walk through of the building. It is now out of our grasp. At ONE Arts, we have talked about this idea of community and artist space, talked about the support we have received, trying to do such a major project in such a short period of time. We have met so many new friends in the last two weeks, people who have been dropping in to show their support, people emailing us and making loan pledges, and people donating on the campaign (almost $4,000 in a day!) We want to keep going! We can’t just let this stop, just because we didn’t get that building, because this idea is real, and with the support of our friends and neighbors, it is possible, and would be an amazing resource that our neighborhood really needs.

We plan to extend our campaign, fund raising for the next few months, collecting loan pledges, and designing a strong program that will succeed, while we look for a new space in the Old North End. In February, Skinny Pancake will throw us a rad fund raiser! And in Spring, after we have collected SO many loan pledges and donations that it is UNBELIEVABLE, we will put it towards a place that can act as a community meeting place and creative hub!

We appreciate your support, and hope you will help us continue to rally! If any donations were specific to the Myer’s Furniture Building, we will gladly refund them. No donations will be withdrawn until the campaign is finished and we will run it for several months, keeping you updated on it. Let’s see how much we can raise with time and community support!

We are so excited to see this happen, and to watch what can be accomplished by working together and supporting each other and the arts!

ONE Arts
Margaret and Becca, Co-directors
Mellisa, Programming Director

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