Winter Break Camp!

This year we are excited to try something a little bit different. There will be distinct workshops that take place within winter break, taught by different teachers. You may sign up for the full experience or just choose a day or two. Sign up here!

Feb 24th, 25th, & 26th: Barn Yard Bonanza Taught by Eden Stern
On our first three days of camp we will concentrate on making fabulous farm animals using paper mache, puppets and drawings. They will also make a barn and a landscape, where the participants can perform a play (if they chose) on their final day. Recycled materials, old socks, paper and boxes will be used in creating their masterpieces.

Feb 27th Colorful Collage and Crafting Taught by Loren Frank
On Thursday, we’ll collage with pictures and create magnets with bottle caps. We’ll also make Matisse inspired collages with tissue paper and then create fun and colorful portraits of ourselves with paper cutouts.

Feb 28th Imaginary Worlds Taught by Loren Frank
On Friday we’ll explore the depths of our imaginations creating futuristic and otherworldly landscapes and cities. We’ll use cardboard to create backdrops and create strange creatures and fairies with clay to create new worlds of our choosing.

March 2nd & 3rd: The Mystery of Deep Space Taught by Maria Carvalho Sandoval
In this two day workshop we will be creating art based on the themes of outer space, extraterrestrials, space ships, stars, & our solar system. We will create a large collaborative painting of deep space. We will also make a series of small-scale space ships, ET’s, planets, etc out of mixed materials. The painting of space will be our backdrop for imaginative play using the objects we make to act out stories.

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