In an effort to slow the spread of the virus and hopefully “flatten the curve” so our healthcare system isn’t overwhelmed, the ONE Arts Center will be closed for business indefinitely. We hope we will be able to reopen and resume our programming later this spring. If you have signed up for upcoming classes or camps, we can refund you. Another option is to elect to receive a partial refund, and donate a percentage to the art center to help us pay our rent and other bills in this challenging time. We are currently refunding March programming. We’ll make decisions about April when we get there. We thank you for your support.

Our plans for Fair Housing month will proceed with some modifications. The workshops will be cancelled, but we will proceed with the art show, which will be hung and then displayed digitally online. We will try to keep the show up for an extended period and hopefully we can have an art opening at a later date. If any children want to make artwork on the theme of home and community please write to us and we will mail you a canvas and some paints! When the painting is finished, please send us a photo of the artwork and a brief statement from the artist about how the artwork is about home and/or community. Then we will share it in our virtual online art show!

Please take good care of yourselves and each other!


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