Welcome Brian!

We are pleased to welcome Brian Letizia! Brian is teaching our morning sessions at the ONE Arts Center and has just finished up the Teacher Apprenticeship Program at Champlain College. He is also an artist and passionate about teaching and engaging children in making and discussing art. He brings with him 15+ years of experience working in the visual arts. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the University of the Arts located in Philadelphia, Brian worked at the Sandy Webster Gallery advocating for African American artists in the national art marketplace. Along with his continued interest in social justice issues and the history of art, Brian has enjoyed a career of diverse creative experience working as an artist and teammate. He has developed products, created larger than life installations, and produced logistical and design elements featured in arts festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lallapalooza to name a few. His love for the natural world has brought him to Vermont, where he aims to pursue a career as an arts educator. He believes that a creative practice can have a profound effect on human development, and wants to help others realize their unique gifts and potential. He likes to spend his free time fly fishing, exploring new cuisines, and hiking in good company.

ONE Arts is thrilled to have him teaching with us.

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