Fall Camps are Online

A collaborative work made by our Street Art campers this summer!

Join us for a Zines camp on the half day of school September 29th where each camper will make a Zine on a topic of their choice and then we’ll make a calendar with contributions from each camper’s Zine.

On October 11th we will honor Indigenous People’s Day by learning about the Abenaki and practicing weaving and beading.

October 15th will be Portrait Camp where we will think about how we can represent people who are important to us and our relationships to them in our artwork.

Thanksgiving week we will explore the Power of Community and make a collaborative class quilt.

On the other half day, December 8th, we will consider: Does Stuff Matter? We’ll talk about physical things that have special meaning for us and we’ll make some new things to bring home or gift to others.

Check out all of the camps!

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